Rod Lift OptimizationWith Ambyint InfinityRL™

Ambyint InfinityRL™ reduces operating costs by up to 30% and increases production volumes up to 5% for rod lift wells. Due to the limitations of legacy tools and processes, overtaxed operations teams can only focus on a small subset of wells each day resulting in 75% of wells typically overpumping and 15% underpumping. Ambyint provides step change, real-time production optimization outcomes that scale across an entire field.

The product combines physics-based artificial intelligence and subject matter expertise to optimize production. InfinityRL increases operational effectiveness and drives bottom line performance by:

  • Reducing strokes, failure rates, workover expenses, and electricity use as well as recovering deferred production on overpumping wells,
  • Increasing production on underpumping wells,
  • Recommending ideal controller setpoint changes for operational review and autonomous updates,
  • Supporting multiple data acquisition models including Ambyint Amplify sensorless and edge-based controllers as well as 3rd-party systems (e.g., SCADA), and
  • Enabling predictive maintenance and a manage wells by exception model.