Leverage Optimization Solutions at Scale for Step-Change Production Outcomes

Artificial Intelligence

  • Derive new insights, automate control, and improve efficiency with artificial intelligence.
  • With Ambyint’s Autonomous Optimization AI technology, system performance can be monitored remotely from anywhere 24/7.
Ambyint Advantages
Ambyint Advantages

Deep Data Analytics

  • Built on the industry’s largest training data, Ambyint has more than 10 years of data gathered from thousands of oil wells and over 250M operating hours of high-resolution data.
  • Ambyint is capable of predictive analytics as well as anomaly detection on production data, plunger cycles, and dynamometer cards to name a few.

User Centered Design

  • Ambyint's rigorous design process puts the users needs first throughout every stage of the process.
  • Software design best practices are used to keep the infrastructure as a service platform: modern, simple and actionable.
  • With its clean, intuitive UI/UX design, the most important information for improving well uptime and production is at the forefront.
Ambyint Advantages
Ambyint Advantages

Integration & Communication Support

  • Ambyint's adaptive controllers feature embedded communications and install in 30 minutes.
  • Infinity platform integrates into existing SCADA as well as production optimization and accounting systems.
  • Open API allows for data export to external data repositories supporting business intelligence solutions.

Data Security

  • With military grade encryption and hardened infrastructure, Ambyint provides world class data security.
  • By using security best practices in our design, development, and management processes, Ambyint ensures security is not an afterthought.
Rich History

Rich History & Expertise

  • With Ambyint’s 12-year history in big data, high expertise in AI (expert systems, machine learning and neural networks), and advanced proprietary physics models, the right combination of technologies and expertise is currently available to transform these concepts into reality.
  • Well operators now have unsurpassed access to event-based data and analysis, including predictive insights, to improve production and reduce operating costs.

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