Production SurveillanceWith Ambyint SmartStreamâ„¢

Ambyint SmartStreamâ„¢ uncovers wells where production does not meet plan and shows engineers why those wells are off-plan – across the entire life cycle of the well. With too many wells and too few people, unscalable analytics tools, incomplete well histories, and changing conditions at the well site, production issues linger for too long affecting free cash flow unnecessarily. Ambyint technology directs engineering attention and provides invaluable event intelligence for better well management decisions.

Efficient, effective surveillance of every well arms engineering and field personnel with the information they need to ensure production meets plan. Utilizing physics-based artificial intelligence and deep subject matter expertise, SmartStream provides production assurance by:

  • Identifying emerging problems that would remain undetected for too long,
  • Avoiding critical issues and failures that increase LOE and deferred production,
  • Gaining insight into how events, such as chemical treatments, impact production outcomes, and
  • Integrating into customer data lake for business intelligence or reporting use.