Sensorless Pump Off ControllerWith Ambyint Amplify™

Ambyint’s Sensorless Pump Off Controller (POC) provides up to 5% production uplift and 30% operating cost reductions. The well economics for low-producing stripper wells prohibits the visibility and control afforded by conventional POCs, remote terminal units (RTUs), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. Lease operators and field staff typically manage and optimize these wells manually. With limited downhole visibility, a lack of data, and no remote monitoring or control capabilities, E&P companies experience excessive, unnecessary well downtimes and operating expenses.

The solution provides the most cost effective path to gaining the value of pump-off control including standard well protection and optimization benefits. It also enables remote monitoring and control with a simple, scalable installation process. The Ambyint Sensorless POC achieves this by:

  • Establishing well performance visibility and management via satellite, WiFi, or cellular,
  • Reducing strokes, failure rates, workover expenses, and electricity use as well as recovering deferred production,
  • Providing auto-tuning setpoint management for “set it and forget it” control, and
  • Enabling a pump by exception model with average installation times of 30 minutes per well.