Who We Are

Ambyint, a market leader in AI-powered optimization for the oil and gas industry, delivers step-change improvements to E&P production outcomes and margins by combining advanced physics and subject matter expertise with artificial intelligence to automate operations and production optimization workflows across all well types and artificial lift systems.

Actually we've been delivering best-in-class artificial lift optimization solutions to E&P customers since 2004. The company was founded in Calgary, Alberta as Pumpwell Solutions with the mission to improve artificial lift performance and production by leveraging proprietary mathematics. Ambyint began selling its market-leading controllers and VFD packages to customers in Canada in 2006, and by 2012 was actively acquiring data, monitoring, and optimizing thousands of horizontal and vertical wells across Western Canada.

Our Values

Ambyint - Our Values - Be the change you seek
Be the change you seek

All Ambyint team members have the courage and resourcefulness to spark change – to make better our products, our people & our place. Bold Innovation is our middle name and we’re empowered to make it happen. We challenge the status quo with open minds, focus, and speed. Continuous improvement is a shared responsibility and individually we all accept full responsibility for our decisions, our actions, and results. We proactively seek out opportunities for clarity, engagement and ideas for a better Ambyint.

Ambyint - Our Values - We play as one team
We play as one fun, cool team

We spend a large amount of our time at work so the more that time doesn’t feel like “work”, the better. We can be serious, without taking ourselves too seriously. We strive to put what’s right for the team first and to do what’s right – whether at the foosball table or in a Google meet. We measure our days by both belly laughs and accomplishments - together.

We are a collection of vastly different humans, so we are relentless to ensure every Ambyint team member can contribute in a meaningful way that also celebrates and leverages our individual uniqueness – like a symphony of instruments, collectively as a team, we make amazing music. We create and nurture a workplace of belonging. We understand that speaking your mind requires equal parts of brains (what to say), thoughtfulness (when to say it), and caring (how to say it).

Ambyint Webiste Icons - Our Value - We are at one with the customer
We are at one with the customer

Customers are our lifeblood and without great customers, we’re doomed. Their challenges push us to think like users and inspire our creativity and resolve so we can continually strengthen the value we create-collectively. And we don’t just offer a product, we create value and an experience. We are in this journey of climate technology and energy transition together – a rising tide raises all boats! In fact, we are customer-obsessed as we know that both time and climate are precious resources –so we make every interaction count. It’s our 1+1=3 formula!

Ambyint Website Icons - Our Values - We are relentless and relevant.png
We are relentless and relevant

We recognize we are in a time and an industry of constant change and transformation. We value the role of human creativity and contribution combined with the data and automation we create. This means we are all committed to relentless personal development. We pursue a mix of technical skills and power skills, individually and as a team, with our colleagues and our customers. We also recognize our responsibility in contributing to the greater knowledge community and seek opportunities to do so, whether in mentoring interns or publishing papers, speaking at conferences, and enhancing everyday customer interactions.

Ambyint Website Icons - Our Values - Performance powers progress
Performance powers progress

Great people doing great work inside an awesome organization getting results that matter. This is Ambyint! We all think & act like owners, so we’re all in. We discriminate to create valuable results not just activity and our performance standards are high. We’re instrumental in climate technology. All our value created to date -is vital to informing the innovation of the future in ALL aspects of the Energy Ecosystem. Our results will support the success of our clients, the industry, and all of us too!

Our Milestones


Pumpwell Solutions is founded to deliver leading-edge optimization/ control solution to oil wells; develops patented optimization methods.


Company manages ~1,000 wells with best-in-class automation package (Linux controller+hi-res data+software).


Company leverages next-gen IIoT rod lift optimization platform, relaunches as Ambyint.


Ambyint closes Series A funding of $11.5 million dollars, investors including Equinor & GE ventures.


Development work began on new IoT platform


Ambyint launches Next-gen IIoT real-time controller.


Ambyint closes $15M, Series B funding round; New production optimization products support entire well lifecycle.

Where We Are Now

Artificial Lift - Ambyint
Over the years, the company has collected large volumes of high-resolution data from the field, an order of magnitude higher than any other automation system available on the market. In 2012, the team began working on a new technology approach to deliver enhanced artificial lift monitoring and control capabilities for customers at a much lower cost by leveraging new technologies emerging from Silicon Valley and elsewhere. In 2015, the company rebranded as Ambyint, with its massive high-resolution data set. Since then, the company has continued to augment its data science and machine learning algorithms with the industry’s largest repository of labeled, high-resolution training data totaling more than 250 million operating hours.

Ambyint now has offices and staff in Houston and Calgary with solutions deployed to customers across North America and the rest of the world. The company is led by a team of experienced oilfield entrepreneurs, production engineers, operations practitioners, and leading-edge technologists.

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