Plunger Lift OptimizationWith Ambyint InfinityPL™

Ambyint InfinityPL™ increases production up to 7% on plunger lift wells by detecting anomalous behavior and determining optimal controller setpoints. Typically 80% of all plunger wells have an anomaly – often not easily detectable – that has the potential to affect production. Ambyint technology focuses engineering attention on well remediation requirements and optimal operating states.

Engineers and field personnel can manage larger well populations with greater efficiency and better results, allowing them to apply their expertise to other high-value activities. Utilizing physics-based artificial intelligence and deep subject matter expertise, InfinityPL provides improved production outcomes for plunger lift system wells:

  • Identifying quickly emerging well problems and predictive maintenance opportunities,
  • Implementing ideal controller setpoints for optimal production volumes, and
  • Maintaining well stability to improve reliability.