Gas Lift Optimization with InfinityGL™

Ambyint’s InfinityGL is a ground-breaking real-time gas lift optimization solution for onshore and offshore gas lifted wells.  InfinityGL includes a robust real-time nodal analysis engine with a highly flexible constraint-based network optimization layer to deliver higher-accuracy reservoir insights and high-impact optimization recommendations or closed-loop actions.

InfinityGL increases production by up to 5%, reduces injection gas and compression costs, and improves GHG emissions.  InfinityGL significantly improves workforce efficiency by automating time consuming nodal analysis model configuration and interpretation.

InfinityGL delivers substantial value delivery through the deployment of:

  • Automated real-time calculation of Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR) and Vertical Lift Performance (VLP) curves
  • High-accuracy data-driven model for dynamic calibration of key IPR coefficients
  • Constraint-based network optimization layer to integrate both technical (e.g. compression throughput) and economic constraints (e.g. revenue, cash flow)
  • Optimal gas injection setpoints for open-loop or closed-loop implementation
  • Improved diagnostics for surface and downhole anomaly conditions