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Featured in E&P Plus AI Roundtable: How AI is Driving Oil and Gas Recovery

23 Mar 2021

AI technologies can play a key part in the transformation of the value chain of the oil and gas industry.

In an exclusive roundtable discussion, senior executives with four energy tech companies discuss how the downturn has accelerated the need to adopt new technologies and how artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and analytics are shaping the future of the industry.

Ambyint COO David Zahn said 2020 saw a strong focus on new technologies that drive value and, consequently, there was a strong acceptance in edge computing among oil producers.

“We did a survey of over 30 operators a year and a half ago to find out what their edge computing strategy was, and it was really quite nascent … there weren’t any well-defined use cases beyond basic data analytics,” he said. “We believe that 2021 will see edge computing come more to the floor. Last year was focused on new technologies that will help drive value, and also there are specific use cases that edge computing can help with.”

Watch the full video here.

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