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Citi Research Meets with Ambyint President, Chris Robart

03 May 2018

Last month, Chris Robart, Ambyint’s President of US Operations, met with the Citi Research team to provide education on the transition to comprehensive digital solutions in the upstream oil and gas sector, and to give an overview of Ambyint’s unique solution package.

The takeaway from these meetings was clear: Technology adoption is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, and the benefits of this adoption for the industry as a whole are numerous and undeniable.


About Citi Research

Citi Research is committed to providing individual and institutional investors with independent and objective research covering companies, sectors, economics, geopolitics, asset allocation and investment strategy. With over 400 analysts covering some 3,250 stocks across 70 countries, Citi Research brings you both global perspective and intimate local knowledge. The research spans economics, strategy and asset classes including equities, foreign exchange, rates, credit, commodities, securitized products, and municipals. 

About Ambyint

Ambyint is building the “self-driving car” for oil wells. Our core mission is to add visibility and, ultimately, autonomy to every well in every field, regardless of its location or current communications system. We are working with customers to enable their wells to run more efficiently, without the need for operators to drive out to every well every day. 

Our team is leveraging best-in-class technology tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT devices, in combination with physics-based analytics, deep domain expertise, and a massive proprietary data lake of nearly 50 terabytes (equivalent to 100 million operating hours). We create value for our customers by increasing production, reducing labor costs, and reducing maintenance costs. Ultimately, our service package can deliver production improvements of up to 10% and operational expenditure savings of up to 20%. To learn more, please visit

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