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Artificial Intelligence meets Artificial Lift

Ambyint complements traditional physics based analysis with modern artificial intelligence trained and tuned using the industry’s largest labeled data set from over 12 years of industry experience.

Modern Physics Based Analysis

Traditional physics based analysis has been the foundation of artificial lift optimization for decades.  Ambyint lets production engineers take advantage of familiar techniques in an easy to use interface as a natural extension of their daily workflows.

Integrated Global Network at No Additional Charge

The complete Ambyint solution includes optional deployments of intelligent, adaptive controllers for data acquisition. Using a satellite based communication network, Ambyint can collect data from any well, any where in the world.

Webinar: Overcome legacy data and infrastructure limitations by leveraging machine learning IoT devices

On June 26th, Technical Director Jesse Filipi will cover a new technique for optimizing rod pumped wells, using IoT-enabled machine learning. By applying traditional physics-based mathematics with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, it is possible to dynamically adapt the operating set points of rod pumping equipment, resulting in wells that produce more oil, require less electricity, require less manual inspection and intervention, and fail less frequently.

Affordable and Flexible Pricing

Ambyint solutions are priced based on the number of wells being monitored and managed. We offer a low subscription price that includes network communications and data transfer, without making our clients sign long term contracts. Customers deploying Ambyint solutions realize immediate cost savings from reduced wellsite visits and efficient lift systems to improved production from existing wells and greater productivity of existing staff.

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High Resolution Adaptive Controllers

Ambyint HRACs are optionally deployed smart devices that are safely deployed at well site to collect high resolution data while using locally embedded logic to dynamically adjust control parameters in response to changing conditions.

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