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Wind Energy Maximized

Why Ambyint + Vayu

Ambyint & Vayu, two market leaders, are combining deep knowledge & energy expertise to offer intelligent wind solutions to increase output and capacity.

Together, we take a “complete farm approach” to assess strategies for increased energy output benefitting every wind farm in any location to accelerate renewable energy expansion.

“Vayu is the most efficient, effective solution to dramatically increase your wind farms capacity and value“

– Jim Kiles, CEO of Vayu

How we do it

Vayu’s cloud-based technology enables a wind farm “system” approach to wake steering using its turbine control feedback loops. This approach to simulation for wake steering drives the value proposition of increased capacity and power. These simulations are rooted in physics-based models and supplemented by machine learning. Reinforcement learning models update the simulation and facilitate real-time adjustments to changing or unforeseen wake patterns.

Our Solutions at Work

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