Ambyint Continues to Innovate with Release of
Major Upgrade to Autonomous Setpoint Management

Improvements for Rod Lift and Plunger Lift Mark Significant Impact in Production Optimization

February 21, 2024 (HOUSTON) – Ambyint, the industry leader in production and artificial lift optimization technology, is pleased to launch a significant enhancement to its Autonomous Setpoint Management (ASPM) functionality for both Plunger and Rod Lift applications. With this rollout, North American operators can expect to get better production, reliability, and efficiency out of their wells. 

First introduced in 2017, ASPM is a suite of artificial intelligence models designed to assess and manage equipment operating parameters that determine whether a well is running optimally. Ambyint’s innovative methodology integrates a comprehensive array of well-established physics parameters, operational constraints, and equipment limitations with artificial intelligence. The system provides users with recommended setpoints for implementation or autonomously manages and implements setpoints to ensure optimization, while providing transparency to production engineering and operations users.

Ambyint’s ASPM models enable production technicians, lease operators, and engineers the ability to oversee improvements across thousands of wells simultaneously, efficiently, and with proven results, freeing up critical time for personnel to tackle other critical tasks.

“Ambyint is committed to helping our customers and users unlock the full potential of their fields. To achieve this goal, we are dedicated to continuously improving our models through incorporating customer feedback, addressing edge cases, and ensuring we are tackling the most important optimization challenges within the industry,” said Drew Laviage, Director of Product and Customer Experience, Ambyint.


New enhancements in Ambyint’s ASPM software include:

For rod lift wells:

  • Additional setpoint recommendations for both minimum and maximum SPM values, providing more flexibility for improving different operating scenarios.
  • New Gas Interference classifications, allowing for maintained or increased SPM when a high fluid level is present.
  • Increased user flexibility to customize operational and safe operating limits.
  • Increased frequency of recommendations to respond to changing line pressure conditions.

For plunger wells: 

  • Improved recommendations that focus first on stabilizing plunger arrivals before moving into production optimization mode.
  • Enhanced integration of anomaly detection insights into the setpoint optimization workflow.
  • Increased frequency of recommendations to manage dynamic well conditions.

“The latest upgrades to our Autonomous Setpoint Management capabilities demonstrate that Ambyint continues to set the pace for innovation in production optimization for upstream oil and gas. Although there are a number of companies in the production optimization space that talk about autonomous operations and claim to have similar capabilities, this latest ASPM release proves that no one else comes close to the level of performance and impact that Ambyint can deliver for customers.” said Chris Robart, Chief Commercial Officer.


About Ambyint 

Ambyint is a leading provider of AI-powered optimization software for the energy industry. The platform helps oil and gas producers increase production, reduce operating costs, and minimize their environmental footprint. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Ambyint is dedicated to shaping the future of energy production. 

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