Amplify Real-Time Controller - Ambyint

Amplify Real-Time Controller

Monitor & Control Capabilities

  • Amplify captures high-frequency, stroke-based data that enables Ambyint to detect and predict gas leaks and calculate fillage.
  • Automated set-point adjustment to optimize every well in the field.
  • Intelligent push-notification and advanced-data compression ensures the efficient transfer of only necessary data.
  • Amplify controllers monitor your well 24/7 and send intelligent notifications to give you piece of mind.
Monitor & Control - Ambyint Amplify
Ambyint Amplify

Installed in Minutes

  • Amplify controllers are designed with plug and play installation in mind and require ~30 minutes to install.
  • We can easily connect into the prime mover/motor, controller, variable frequency drive of the lift system to acquire and analyze a range of data types in real-time.

Automatic over the air updates provide customers with new functionality

  • Includes all necessary communications hardware and services to provide current and future monitoring, control, and analytics capabilities.
  • Automatic over-the-air updates are remotely installed as new functionality is rolled out.
  • Install anywhere globally with build-in flexible comms to work in the most remote places with low bandwidth constraints.
Amplify Real-Time Controller

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