Where BP, Chevron, Shell, And Other Oil & Gas Corporates Are Investing In IoT
Analysis: Oilfield Analytics Space Sees Rapid Adoption, Rollups Possible


A New Age of Industrial Analytics

01 Mar 2018

Ambyint receives a mention in this article from Digital Engineering.

Recently, the market has enjoyed an infusion of IIoT analytics development packages, some in the form of platforms, others billed as applications. Startups account for some of these, whereas industry giants like Siemens and GE have moved into this area as a natural progression of their portfolio. The variety of options may be enough to spur reticent companies into developing an analytics capability. But this option-rich environment isn’t without challenges. Choosing the right toolset isn’t easy, but a look at the various design philosophies may help.

Many of the startups offer specialized toolsets, leveraging domain expertise. Here, companies like Ambyint target the issues facing specific verticals. In this case, it’s the oil and gas industry, with the focus on optimizing performance.


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