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Workflow & Applications

Enable Well Optimization & Mitigation Workflows

  • Automate morning and daily drilling reports.
  • Filter wells down to different groupings based on well or status code.
  • Group status codes into similar workflows for focus on wells requiring immediate attention.
  • Zoom in on well maps from the filtered list.
Well Optimization - Ambyint
Field Optimization - Ambyint

Enable Field Management & Optimization Diagnostics Workflows

Easily generate Field Optimization Reports, such as:

  • Avg. liquid vs. running SPM analysis.
  • Cycle/day vs. avg. pump fillage analysis.
  • Classification for each well, well pad, and all assets.

Enable Intelligent Management by Exception Reporting Workflows

  • Target wells with code alerts.
  • Prioritize wells for morning meeting report.
  • Customize well-status code alerts—from power or communication loss to shutdown.
Intelligent Exception Reporting - Ambyint
Anomaly Detection - Ambyint

Enable Anomaly Detection, Predictive Maintenance & Intelligent Control Workflows

Alerts users of current and potential low-load events and anomalies that significantly impact production, such as:

  • Sudden signal or communication failures.
  • Hole in tubing, rod parting, plugged intake, stuck pump, and flumping.
  • Well loading, surface restrictions, stuck plungers, leaking valves, and miscalibrated sensors.

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