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Wireless​ ​IoT​ ​Leak​ ​Detection​ ​Device​ ​Able​ ​to Preempt​ ​&​ ​Alert​ ​Operators​ ​to​ ​Impending​ ​Oil​ ​Well​ ​Leaks

18 Sep 2017


The proprietary device uses wireless sensor technology and machine intelligence to detect, and immediately alert field operators to the first sign of an impending leak within the dual-pack stuffing box, long before it would become visible outside the stuffing box and start to pose an environmental risk.

With the containment and environmental repair of even minor leaks from an oil well costing $20,000 – $50,000, operators have relied on regular well site visits to track well integrity. Ambyint’s advanced remote leak monitoring technology offers significant time and cost savings to operators as well as ensuring critical environmental protection. “For any oil producer, an untracked oil leak on a well is one of the worst possible eventualities.” said Nav Dhunay, CEO at Ambyint. “Leaks are common – the majority occurring in stuffing boxes which experience constant stress – and there are severe cost and reputational consequences associated with causing environmental damage as a result. Leaks can also be exceptionally hard to track, especially in remotely located wells, and once seen, can have already caused considerable damage.

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