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Bringing​ ​IoT​ ​to​ ​Big​ ​Oil,​ ​Ambyint​ ​Platform​ ​Now​ ​Connects with​ ​Competitor​ ​Data

18 Sep 2017

Users able to access real-time oil well data, even if originated from competitor systems such as Lufkin or GE.

CALGARY, CANADA – DECEMBER 8, 2015 – Ambyint, a firm specializing in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-inspired technology solutions for optimizing oil production, today launched the AmbyControl IoT Bridge for unifying data collection across the oil patch. The AmbyControl IoT Bridge can be self-installed on any competitor well management system such as the Lufkin Well Manager by GE.

The technology is able to capture performance data across each individual system and integrate it into the Ambyint platform where the data is analyzed and interpreted using Ambyint’s proprietary algorithms. As a result, producers are able to access real-time information on their well’s performance via their personalized dashboard on the Ambyint web and mobile app. Using the dashboard, well managers are also able to gain quick access to surface and downhole cards without the need for communication packages or SCADA networks. Ambyint founder and CEO, Nav Dhunay, said of the launch, “We started this company with the goal of creating an intelligent and connected platform able to give all well managers 24/7, comprehensive and real-time information on all of their oil producing assets.

Our IoT Bridge technology enables oil producers to benefit from the power of the Ambyint platform for well monitoring and optimization, even if they are currently working with competing well management solutions.” Developed by several of the foremost figures in oil well optimization, Ambyint’s AmbyControl product portfolio has brought to the market one of the very first commercial solutions that utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices and sophisticated big data analytics to optimize the oil patch. Ambyint’s AmbyControl for VFD product, which is already being used in the field, was designed to work with many of the top manufactured Variable Frequency Drives and provides operators with remote control and monitoring of their VFD operated Pump Jack, ESP or PCP. In addition to control, AmbyControl for VFD provides real-time insights into, pump jack SPM, PCP rotor speed and motor torque.

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